Dating sites for animal activists

20-Apr-2018 01:54

Much of the subreddit’s misogyny is justified by one of their favourite acronyms, AWALT: “all women are like that”.

Aged 17 and a self-described “late bloomer virgin”, he was growing apprehensive about going to college when he stumbled across online men's rights forums that seemed to hold all the answers.

“It kind of tricks you so you're agreeing about one thing and the next thing you know you're agreeing about all these other things.” These “tricks” aren’t accidental, according to João in Portugal, who now firmly believes that the Red Pill is akin to a cult.

“If you go to Red Pill and you say something that those guys don't really like then they will just delete your comments or just say that you are a ‘mangina’ or a ‘feminist’ or a ‘cuck’," he told me.

“They have theories that are not easy to prove or disprove, they are based on beliefs like all women cheat, they like cheating, and all women are not loyal,” explains João.

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“There’s this whole conspiracy thing where women are against you, they are this imagined enemy… if you go on Red Pill Reddit and you disagree with someone they either delete your comments or they try to make fun of you and shame you.

I think that’s probably likely to be true for groups like the Red Pill, that look at women and see just a flock of harpies.” Subscribers' experiences in the real world can reinforce their misogynistic views.

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